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Alumni Spotlight: Shikha Garg

The IPPF is pleased to spotlight Shikha Garg. A member of the IPPF Circle of Champions, Ms. Garg frequently judges the IPPF written rounds, as well as the IPPF oral debates in New York City.

IPPF Participation:

2011 IPPF Champion Plano Senior High School

Plano, Texas

University: Yale College Bachelor's Degree in Political Science

Current Role: Yale Law School Third-Year Law Student

"The skills I learned from competing in the IPPF have been directly applicable to my experiences in law school. As I've started representing clients through clinical work, I find myself drawing on many of the same things I learned in the IPPF -- how to work collaboratively with a team; how to synthesize complex concepts in written and oral presentations; and how to confidently answer judges' questions on your feet. Competing in the IPPF was a fantastic learning experience and a lot of fun. I highly recommend it to all high school students."

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