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Alumni Spotlight: Lucia Jadudova

The IPPF is pleased to spotlight Lucia Jadudova, a new member of the IPPF Circle of Champions.

IPPF Participation:

IPPF Champion in 2018

LEAF Academy

Bratislava, Slovakia

University: University Maastricht (The Netherlands)

European Law Bachelor Programme

"Firstly, the IPPF is about people. Thanks to the competition, I will consider all my teammates as my very good friends for the rest of my life. We know we can rely on each other all the time. Secondly, the IPPF helped me to realize that choosing law as the field of my future studies was the right decision. I enjoyed the long evenings during which we were developing our arguments and searching for sources with our team. Even though the competition can be stressful, it taught me resilience, teamwork and legal thinking. Maybe without the IPPF, I would not have chosen to study law and I would not have made such amazing friends!"

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