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oral debate format

Teams that advance to the IPPF Finals will be invited to participate in a series of oral debates.


A unique aspect of the IPPF oral debate format is the question period for the judges. Following cross examination, students will participate in a dynamic process in which they are questioned by the IPPF judges — many of whom are experts on the IPPF topic. 

Format for Oral Arguments
International Public Policy Forum

Opening Presentations by Each Team
Affirmative: 5 minutes (Quarterfinals), 8 minutes (Semifinals and Finals)
Negative: 5 minutes (Quarterfinals), 8 minutes (Semifinals and Finals)

Second Speeches by Each Team
**90 second break for teams to confer before affirmative second speech.
Affirmative: 5 minutes (all debates)
**90 second break for teams to confer before negative second speech.
Negative: 5 minutes (all debates)

Cross Examination
Moderator will allow no more than 10 minutes for questions and balance time between the teams.

Each team member must ask and answer one question. Both questions and answers may not be any longer than 1 minute.

Question Period for Judges
Questions may be any length. Answers may not be any longer than 1 minute.

The moderator will direct five questions to each side. Once each side has asked and answered five questions, the moderator will allow questioning to continue while
balancing questions between each side. The questioning period for judges should not exceed 20 minutes for the quarterfinals and 30 minutes for the semifinals and finals.

Rebuttal Statements
Negative: 5 minutes
Affirmative: 5 minutes

Total Length of Debates
Quarterfinals — Approximately 60 minutes
Semifinals — Approximately 80 minutes
Finals — Approximately 80 minutes 

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