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ippf circle of champions

Every year, the students that win the IPPF Championship are invited to join the "IPPF Circle of Champions" – an alumni organization led by former champion and IPPF Advisory Board member Alex Pouille.

The members of the IPPF Circle of Champions remain involved in the contest as judges and mentors to new teams. 

The IPPF is pleased to spotlight some of these talented former debaters. 

Shikha Garg.JPG


Judicial Fellow

International Court of Justice 

"The skills I learned from competing in the IPPF have been directly applicable to my experiences in law school. As I've started representing clients through clinical work, I find myself drawing on many of the same things I learned in the IPPF -- how to work collaboratively with a team; how to synthesize complex concepts in written and oral presentations; and how to confidently answer judges' questions on your feet. Competing in the IPPF was a fantastic learning experience and a lot of fun. I highly recommend it to all high school students."

IPPF Participation:

2011 IPPF Champion
Plano Senior High School

Plano, Texas


JD, Yale Law School

Bachelor's Degree, Yale University

LinkedIn Crop_edited.jpg



McKinsey & Company

"The IPPF is a unique opportunity to develop the abilities to deeply analyze a real, impactful issue and express complex argumentation eloquently. With no debate experience prior to the IPPF, I also learned how to quickly adapt to the unfamiliar environments the IPPF exposed me to. As I've developed my leadership skills in the four years since my IPPF experience, I've found those three skills invaluable."


IPPF Participation:

2014 IPPF Champion
Hamilton High School
Chandler, Arizona


BA, Mathematical Economic Analysis, Managerial Studies, Rice University
BA, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Rice University




McNally Capital

"Competing in the IPPF had a profound effect on my college education and career. My team's trip to the final rounds and my interactions with the judges convinced me to choose the Stern School of Business at NYU for my undergraduate degree. The IPPF also served to prepare me for a career in private investing by developing research skills, practicing critical reasoning (with imperfect information) and encouraging thoughtful and concise answers to the judge's questions. I draw on the skills I developed through speech and debate (and the IPPF in particular) on a daily basis, and I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity I was given by the organization to learn and grow."


IPPF Participation:

2006 IPPF Champion
A. W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts
West Palm Beach, Florida


BSc, Finance, Stern School of Business, New York University



Chief Strategist

LaGrande Marketing

"IPPF was a big turning point for me. Through a long twist of events, I ended up getting my first job in a law firm because of the IPPF. Some of my clients today - more than a decade later - actually come from the IPPF and my participation in it!"

IPPF Participation:

2005 IPPF Champion 

Greenhill School

Dallas, Texas



BA, Economics and Philosophy, Dartmouth College

MBA, IE Business School 




University Maastricht

"Firstly, the IPPF is about people. Thanks to the competition, I will consider all my teammates as my very good friends for the rest of my life. We know we can rely on each other all the time. Secondly, the IPPF helped me to realize that choosing law as the field of my future studies was the right decision. I enjoyed the long evenings during which we were developing our arguments and searching for sources with our team. Even though the competition can be stressful, it taught me resilience, teamwork and legal thinking. Maybe without the IPPF, I would not have chosen to study law and I would not have made such amazing friends!"


IPPF Participation:

IPPF Champion in 2018

LEAF Academy

Bratislava, Slovakia


University Maastricht (The Netherlands) 

European Law Bachelor Programme



Chief Financial Officer of Zone Europe

Anheuser-Busch InBev

"IPPF's X-factor is the judge interaction. Having leading scholars in the topic asking questions back to the participants not only elevates the competition, but creates a deep bond between teams. In my final round job interviews at AB InBev, they pointed to this ability - to stay calm under pressure and communicate clearly/effectively - as one of the main reasons for hiring me. I cannot speak more highly of the IPPF competition and the chance to participate in the final founds in NYC."

IPPF Participation:

2006 and 2007 IPPF Champion 
Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts West Palm Beach, Florida
MAcc, Accounting, The College of William and Mary

BBA, Accounting and Finance, The College of William and Mary

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