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Alumni Spotlight: Ravi Shah

The IPPF is pleased to spotlight Ravi Shah. A member of the IPPF Circle of Champions, Mr. Shah annually judges the IPPF written rounds, as well as the IPPF oral debates in New York City.

IPPF Participation:

2006 IPPF Champion Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts West Palm Beach, Florida

University: Stern School of Business,

New York University ('10 BsC)

Current Role: Vice President, McNally Capital

"Competing in the IPPF had a profound effect on my college education and career. My team's trip to the final rounds and my interactions with the judges convinced me to choose the Stern School of Business at NYU for my undergraduate degree. The IPPF also served to prepare me for a career in private investing by developing research skills, practicing critical reasoning (with imperfect information) and encouraging thoughtful and concise answers to the judge's questions. I draw on the skills I developed through speech and debate (and the IPPF in particular) on a daily basis, and I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity I was given by the organization to learn and grow."

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