• Andrea Sadberry, IPPF Executive Director

Alumni Spotlight: Andy Yuwen

The IPPF is pleased to spotlight Andy Yuwen. A member of the IPPF Circle of Champions, Mr. Yuwen annually judges the IPPF written rounds, as well as the IPPF oral debates in New York City.

IPPF Participation:

2014 IPPF Champion Hamilton High School Chandler, Arizona

University: Rice University ('18) Mathematical Economic Analysis, Managerial Studies Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Current Role: Emerging Leader Development Program at Vanguard

"The IPPF is a unique opportunity to develop the abilities to deeply analyze a real, impactful issue and express complex argumentation eloquently. With no debate experience prior to the IPPF, I also learned how to quickly adapt to the unfamiliar environments the IPPF exposed me to. As I've developed my leadership skills in the four years since my IPPF experience, I've found those three skills invaluable."

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