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Alumni Spotlight: Alexandre Pouille

The IPPF is pleased to spotlight Alexandre Pouille.

Mr. Pouille founded the IPPF Circle of Champions and currently serves on the IPPF Advisory Board. In addition, Mr. Pouille annually judges the IPPF written rounds, as well as the IPPF oral debates in New York City.

IPPF Participation:

2006 and 2007 IPPF Champion Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts West Palm Beach, Florida University: The College of William and Mary ('10 BBA, '11 MAcc) Current Role: Country Director, Spain Anheuser-Busch InBev

"IPPF's X-factor is the judge interaction. Having leading scholars in the topic asking questions back to the participants not only elevates the competition, but creates a deep bond between teams. In my final round job interviews at AB InBev, they pointed to this ability - to stay calm under pressure and communicate clearly/effectively - as one of the main reasons for hiring me. I cannot speak more highly of the IPPF competition and the chance to participate in the final founds in NYC."

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