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Academic honesty violation form

This form should only be used to report violations of the IPPF's Academic Honesty Policy within 48 hours of receiving the paper in which such violations are alleged.
The IPPF's Academic Honesty Policy and Protest Procedures can be found here. One adult adviser (18+ years old) should complete this form for the student writing team making the allegations. Once the form is submitted, this same adult adviser must email the Executive Director at within the same timeframe, indicating they completed the reporting form. 

Academic Honesty Violation Form

Adviser Acknowledgement: By checking this box, I certify all of the following: (1) I am the adult adviser for the group of student writers named above; (2) I have reviewed the Academic Honesty Policy with the above-named students so that they understand the serious nature of filing such a protest; and (3) all relevant parties (i.e., students, school administration, parents, etc.) understand that the IPPF Executive Director's decision is final.

Your form has been submitted. Please now email indicating the form has been completed.

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