NYU Ambassadors

Every year, members of the acclaimed NYU Debate Team serve as "NYU Ambassadors."


One NYU student is paired with each team and helps them to navigate their way through New York.


In addition, the Ambassadors are able to share with each team information about participating in college debate. 

The IPPF would not be possible without the support of the entire NYU Debate Team, whose members evaluate hundreds of essays throughout the year.

Pictured are the 2018-19 NYU Ambassadors.

1717 MAIN STREET, STE. 5900



Tel: 214-653-4026




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James Peng is a freshman at NYU. He is currently studying in the Core Program and expects to major in either Economics or Finance. James is in his first year on the College CEDA circuit. He competed in policy debate in high school. Outside of school, James enjoys following sports, fishing in his home state of Washington, and skiing. He is excited to be an IPPF ambassador this year!